Model No. Description
Dragon Lights High brightness accent lighting in the smallest possible package. More light than anything of similar size, these tough lamps are available in a wide range of colors and case styles allowing these lights to be mounted nearly anywhere. More Info
Eon Lights Larger and more powerful than the Dragon Light, Eon lights offer brilliant, durable light sources in a slim package. The higher power makes them practical for larger area illumination. More Info
Silho-X Accent Lighting Surface mount accent and area lighting in an ultra-thin package incorporating powerful energy efficient LED’s and TecNiq’s unique high-efficiency technologies. More Info
Silho-X Area Lighting Aesthetic high power area lighting in unbelievable ¼ inch thick surface mount designs. Don’t let the size fool you, this series is packed with our unique technology making them the leader in LED performance-vs-cost. More Info
Orion Lights Capable of replacing 40 to 60 watt halogen can light this low power surface mount lamp creates a natural illumination over 180 degrees. More Info
Model E950 High-brightness spot and flood lamp for extreme environments with a main beam at a high 60 degree angle from the mounting surface. Secondary lower intensity light emits in rectangular pattern over a wide angular range. More Info
Model E410 The model E410 flexible LED light is a unique, ultra-low-profile, weather-resistant lamp designed on a flexible circuit board. Its miniature size and durable construction allow for easy installation even in the tightest places. More Info
E3X Series High-Brightness Linear LED Area Lamps The E3X Series lamps seamlessly combine great looks, high-powered LEDs, and advanced optics to create a low-profile light that is capable of completely replacing fluorescent lights of similar lengths. More Info
E070 8" Recessed Vehicle Interior Light The E070 utilizes seven of the latest-generation of white LEDs for color stability and long life. This uniquely powerful area light provides an exceptionally even area of illumination without sacrificing brightness. More Info