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Corporate Profile

World Class Warning Devices and LED Lamps
Triton Signal USA is the Sole North American, Licensed Master Distributor of Backup Alarms Manufactured by Yamaguchi Electric Company (YEC) in Japan. YEC is the Leading Back Up Alarm Manufacturer in Asia and Europe.
International Corporate Profile
Manufacturing Facilities
ISO 9001Factory in Akita, Japan ISO 9001 Factory in GuangDong, China
Backup Alarm History
YEC’s founder, Mr. Matsusaburo Yamaguchi, invented the world’s first backup alarm which entered production in April 1963. That model designated “BA1” (Back-up Alarm No. 1 ) gave birth to the entire backup alarm industry, which through its continuing commitment to reversing safety on a global scale, saves lives every day.   
Mr. Matusaburo Yamaguchi
Backup Alarm Pioneer
The World’s First Backup Alarm, the BA1
First Manufactured in April, 1963

Company Credo
"We believe that our customers are entitled to the best, most innovative products, at a competitive price and with outstanding service"
Dedicated to Thomas Coward (Cptn.) Committed to World Class Products and Service




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