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Welcome to Triton Signal USA’s product catalog. This year we celebrate our eleventh year of business.

In May 2006, Triton Signal USA commenced business in Chicago as a supplier of world-class back-up alarms and LED worklamps to the North American, commercial and off-road truck and equipment market. At that time no commercial vehicles were using LED lighting as it was far too expensive and the benefits of high reliability and increased light output were far outweighed by the high costs.

Over the past ten years, LED technology has exploded onto the scene, while the manufacturing costs have decreased year-by-year. LED lamps are now finding their way onto our streets and into our homes and are literally changing the way we see the world.

Triton’s product line has expanded by over thirty percent over the past 12 months as we continue our quest to introduce the best available LED lighting and warning products to the North American commercial vehicles market.

Triton Signal USA continues to supply high-quality, rugged and durable products with unique, patented features. In a crowded market, with a myriad of product choices, we are confident you will find that our world-class products and service stand out from the rest.

All of us on the Triton team appreciate your interest, continued patronage and support.


Mark T. Coward

Mark Coward

Triton Signal proudly celebrates its 25th year of membership in the Society of Automotive Engineers.

International Corporate Profile

Manufacturing Facilities

ISO 9001Factory in Akita, Japan

ISO 9001 Factory in GuangDong, China

Backup Alarm History

YEC’s founder, Mr. Matsusaburo Yamaguchi, invented the world’s first backup alarm which entered production in April 1963. That model designated “BA1” (Back-up Alarm No. 1 ) gave birth to the entire backup alarm industry, which through its continuing commitment to reversing safety on a global scale, saves lives every day.

Mr. Matusaburo Yamaguchi
Backup Alarm Pioneer

The World’s First Backup Alarm, the BA1
First Manufactured in April, 1963

Company Credo

"We believe that our customers are entitled to the best, most innovative products, at a competitive price and with outstanding service"

Dedicated to Thomas Coward (Cptn.)

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